Dost has been created by Ashok Leyland to be an entrepreneur’s reliable partner and trusted friend. Dost has been designed around the driver of the vehicle, providing him exceptional performance and operational efficiency as well as better drivability and comfort.

Dost has been designed and developed jointly by Ashok Leyland and Nissan and tuned to Indian road conditions and business requirements.

Dost has been tested extensively for over 10 lakh kilometers to deliver a truly accomplished and contemporary vehicle, ensuring complete peace of mind for the consumer during the ownership period.

Nissan has a lineage of more than 75 years in manufacturing Light Commercial Vehicles globally, while, Ashok Leyland has over 60 years of history in making commercial vehicles for India. This rich experience has gone into the development of Dost and would also form the basis of development of future products. Through the Joint Venture, Ashok Leyland and Nissan have come together to leverage their knowledge and expertise to make world-class Commercial Vehicles suited to Indian conditions.

Mileage depends on payload carried and driving conditions, but Dost, with a rated load of 1250 kg, gives an amazing mileage of 17.6 KMPL *(ARAI certified-BSIII ) in ideal conditions.

Feature                                 Advantage                      Benefit
Ashok Leyland product Reliable and rugged vehicle Made for India as there is better understanding of CV segment requirements.
Nissan Engineering Japanese technology – High quality Peace of mind. Thoroughly tested platform for trouble-free ownership experience.
58 hp – 3 cylinder Turbocharged engine   More power with right balance of power and fuel economy, better gradeability Better pickup for quicker turnaround. More number of trips per day, hence, more business. Also, easy to climb flyover and hilly terrains.
Turbo-Diesel Common Rail (TDCR) engine Better fuel combustion, lower noise, lower vibration, better pickup, better mileage Faster turnaround, more comfort, lesser requirement of maintenance and hence, fewer visits to workshop.
1.25 Tons Payload Highest payload in class More loads (weight) can be carried in each trip. Same work can be done with lesser vehicles and lesser trips. Ideal for heavy loads too.
Power Steering (optional) Less effort required for turning steering Easy maneuverability of vehicle in the narrowest of the streets.
Bigger Cabin Dost’s engine is below the vehicle's floor, without hump. This enables an elevated seating position, which, along with the protruding cabin provides ample leg room for the driver and the co-passenger while, the large doors allow for easy entry and exit.
Air-conditioner (optional) Comfort while driving even in peak summers Reduces driving stress; reward for all the hard work you do.
Flat Torque Curve For lesser gear shift in city traffic Reduces the fatigue level, improve the fuel efficiency.
Smaller Turning Radius    Best in class in its category. Turning radius is 4.8 m. Customer can traverse the mesh of streets easily.
Better Brakes with Booster & LSPV Better Braking effect irrespective of loading condition The Load Sensing Proportioning Valve technology measures the weight on the load body and apportions the brake force accordingly and thus, ensuring no slippage/skidding.
Bigger 14 inch Tyre Dost is fitted with 185R 14 radial tyres. These aid suspension, quick braking and acceleration and help make it fuel-efficient.
Lower Loading Height & Bigger Loading area Loading Platform Height is only 809 mm and Load Body Dimension is LXWXH 2500X1620X380 Best-in-class Loading Area of 4.05 sq m which allows carriage of both bulky as well as volumetric load; thus making it adaptable for a wide variety of payloads and applications.
Dual Tone Interior Dost comes with car-like Dual Tone interiors in beige & grey colour combinations The dashboard styling makes tremendous change in the visual perception of the interiors. The idea was to make it simple, elegant & achieve harmony.
Semi forward cabin Front nose with Crash Absorption Bar Safety of a bigger truck in case of frontal collision and the ease of maneuverability of a small truck. Suitable for driving both on open highways and busy streets.


Dost has a loading capacity of 1.25 Tons payload, but the vehicle has been designed and tested extensively, keeping in mind the Indian customer’s loading conditions and practices.

Yes. Both front and rear axles have Leaf Spring Suspension. In the front, we have 2 Transverse Leaf Springs & in the rear axle, we have 3 Leaf Springs. These Leaf Springs are parabolic & have double the capacity of a traditional Elliptical Leaf Spring.

1,500 cc, 58 hp, 3 cylinder TDCR (Turbo charged Diesel Common Rail) engine with 150Nm Torque. This is a special high-torque engine for better pickup and better gradeability. The torque is 150 Nm @1600-2400 rpm. However the low-end torque is available at 1000 rpm.

Dost has 5 forward gears and 1 reverse gear. 5th gear is an overdrive for better mileage.

Dost can easily be driven at 90 kmph.

Ground clearance for this vehicle is the best in its class at 177 mm.

The engine is placed below the cabin, in between the driver & co-driver seat. This has been designed to reduce the overall length of the vehicle without compromising on the loading space and capacity. Hence, the vehicle is easily maneuverable in busy streets also.

With an additional cushion in the center, there is a provision to comfortably seat 3 people. After folding all the seats, the cabin becomes a comfortable space for the driver to sleep inside.

The various RUV on Dost are Steel containers, Refrigerator containers and Aluminum Containers. We will arrange for fabrication and delivery of different types of container conversions through our dealers.

An RUV vehicle can be delivered within 2-8 weeks, from the date of booking, depending on the variant.

The colours, which will be available, are white, cream and light blue.

3 variants of Dost, with the following features, will be supplied:

    Manual Steering Power Steering Dual-tone interiors Air-conditioner
Base variant LE Y      
Mid variant LS   Y Y  
Top variant LX   Y Y Y


For better safety of driver and co-driver, the vehicle has been designed with fully metal cabin, with an Impact Absorption Bar in the front.

The vehicle comes with many safety features:
-    Semi-forward cabin
-    Front Impact Absorption Bar
-    Seat belt (ELR type)
-    Brakes, which adjust according to load (LSPV)
-    Multi-reflector Clear Lens Headlamp, for better lighting during night time

Sales, Finance, Exchange

It will actually depend on the customer profile and the financier’s policies. Normally the funding will be in the range of 80%-85%of Dost Ex-Showroom Price.

The company is in the process of establishing association with leading finance companies. Customers will have the option of choosing the finance company that best suits their requirement. Leading companies, with whom we have tied up, are:
•    Sundaram Finance Ltd.
•    Shriram Transport Finance Ltd.
•    Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd.
•    Indus Ind Bank Ltd.
•    L & T Finance Ltd.
•    Reliance Capital Ltd.
•    Dhanlaxmi Bank Ltd.
•    ICICI Bank Ltd.
•    Yes Bank Ltd.
•    HDFC Bank
•    Cholamandalam Investment & Finance Company Ltd.

You can arrange finance from other banks and finance companies as well; we will assist you in the same.

Our dealership will assist you in arranging exchange of your old vehicle.

The IRR depends on the financier and customer profile. In the market, it currently varies between 14 - 18% and this rate is the sole discretion of the financier.

It could be 3-4 years depending on the financier.

Documents required could be all/some of the below and similar documents are required for the guarantor also:

•    Age, ID, Address & Signature proof documents
•    Experience Proof, Driving License, Fleet list, Property Documents, ITR for the last 2 years
•    Bank Statements for last 6 months
•    Repayment track/Statement of account for earlier finance availed
•    Letter of Authority signed by all partners & copy of Partnership Deed (in case of partnership firm)
•    Board resolution & Copy of Memorandum & Articles of Association (in case of Private & Public Ltd Co.)

Note: This list is only indicative and would depend upon the financiers.

Though it is too early to gauge the resale value of the vehicle, this vehicle is also from the stable of Ashok Leyland and hence, like all AL products, this too will be reliable, rugged and durable and will account for high resale value.

It is better to take insurance from the dealer for a transparent deal and in case, there is an accident later on, you will get uniform claim-servicing at all our dealerships across India.

It will actually depend on the financier from whom you will get the finance for the vehicle, but the initial down payment will be generally in the range of Rs.40,000 to 60,000 depending upon the customer. The Loan-To-Value (LTV) is generally in the range of 80-90%, depending upon the customer finances and financier approvals.

Customers can book the vehicle with Rs 10,000.

Service & Spares

Dost's Engine life is 2.5 lakh kilometers. Till then, there will be no requirement for a major overhaul.

Standard Warranty is 1 year or 50000 kms, whichever is earlier.

4 Free services are available – 5000 kms or 3 months, 10000 kms or 6 months, 20000 kms or 9 months, 30000 kms or 12 month; whichever is earlier respectively.

Yes, Helpline no. is 1800 102 2666 and customer can call the Helpline from 6 am to 10 pm

Basic Coverage: Components, other than normal wear and maintenance items, are covered for 1 year or 50000 kms from the date of purchase.

We recommend getting all warranty repairs done at our authorized dealers. We also recommend use of AL Genuine Spare Parts.

Customers can buy genuine accessories like Seat Cover, Steering Cover, Mud Flaps, Middle Cushion, Bull Bar & MP3 player from the dealers.

Warranty will be applicable to those vehicles in which, genuine accessories have been added as recommended by AL.